Davis Cup Winners

Davis Cup

The Davis Cup is known not only for its popularity, but also for its unusual history. During the existence of this championship, hundreds of well-known players participated and fought for the right to possess the legendary Davis Cup. Some of them are known for their merit in tennis, someone became famous for participating in competitions for the Cup, but they all share one thing – they are all part of the story and deserve to be known to everyone.

The history of Davis Cup

The main prize of the tournament – the Silver Cup – has its own history. When the question arose about the main prize for the international tennis competition, the enthusiast of the tournament turned to one of the leading jewelry firms in Boston, then the Sherve. The company did not make products on its own, but placed orders in the most reliable manufacturers. So, the order for the prize went to the Durgin workshop in Concord, New Hampshire.

The owner of the company Wilhelm Dargin did not recognize the newfangled gadgets such as galvanic and silvering and made products of pure silver. Employees are recruited mainly from England. So the company got a graduate of the English Royal College of Arts Rhodes Roland, who took charge of the order. It was already a famous master, whose account was the manufacture of silver items for the White House.

One way or another, but Davis was fortunate enough that the prize for his tournament was made by Rhodes who respected the classics, and not a supporter of newfangled trends. Otherwise, today’s stylish and strict Davis Cup might have a completely different look. So, for the New York tennis club a Cooper style Cup cooked “The Last of the Mohicans” was made. The prize was decorated with Indian battle scenes. Davis Cup today, like a century ago, captures connoisseurs with its classical restraint.

The full weight of today’s Davis Cup, which for more than a hundred years has not received any scratch, exceeds 70 kilograms. In the beginning of 1998, the honorable prize – the Davis Cup – was rebuilt by the Boston Shreve Company. Now the Cup has a wider second pedestal that is part of the updated design of the entire trophy. A few years later, when all the plates of a new pedestal will be engraved with the names of the champions, a third – an even broader pedestal will be added to the Cup.

The Davis Cup is kept at the headquarters of the International Tennis Federation in London, with great caution they are taken to the “capital” of the finals – usually in a week – and set up in one of the local banks for bullet-proof glass.

Davis cup winner: Roger Federer

This tournament has been held since 1900 and since then the list of winners is getting longer. Players from almost all countries took part in competitions, many managed to achieve excellent results. And Roger Federer is not only included in this list, but is one of the best players. He is the Davis Cup winner which worth to be known.

By the number of matches (and victories) in the Davis Cup, Roger Federer is the champion of his country. 17-year-old Roger debuted on the team in 1999. Switzerland then played in the World group. In the first round, he won the Italian David Sanguinetti 6-4; 6-7 (3); 6: 3; 6: 4. For the young Swiss, this match was the first in a 5-set format. The final match was lost to Gianluca Pozzi, but the match did not play a role, since the Swiss were 3-0 after the first two days. The match meeting was held in Neuchatel (Switzerland).

In the next match meeting, the doormen played in Brussels (Belgium) and lost 2: 3. Both matches Federer lost.

Often, Roger had to fight for the whole team. Only most often it turned out that “alone in the field is not a warrior.” Repeatedly, he took two points alone, but Switzerland still lost the meeting, as the second number was clearly weaker.

When Stanislas Wawrinka began to add, Roger stopped playing in the World Group by then. The quarter-final matches (April) didn’t fit into his tight schedule. From 2005 to 2009, he played only in the playoffs, helping the team stay in the World Group.

Roger missed many matches of his team in the World Group in the first decade of his professional career, as he focused on his rating position in the ATP tour. Moreover, it is not so easy to constantly come to the team, when two wins in “loner” still did not lead to overall success. In general, he missed 2010 and 2013 despite the fact that the permanent coach of his team (since 2007) and the friend is the captain of the national team (since 2005) Severin Luty.

In 2014, they merged with Wawrinka, he played all the meetings and added the missing title to his record.

Of the seven singles in that year, he won six (all with a score of 3: 0), losing only to Frenchman Gael Monfils (1: 6; 4: 6; 3: 6) in the final. However, this did not prevent the Swiss team from winning the first victory in history. After the long-awaited title, he returned to the national team only once – in the play-off-2015.

The total number of matches in 27 games for the national team is impressive enough: in singles – 48, of which 40 wins; in doubles – 22, of which 12 wins.

More than a hundred years have passed since the start of this championship, and athletes from around the world continue to amaze the public, reaching new heights. They create the history of tennis with their own hands and rackets, and each of them is worthy of being recorded in history. Tennis players today are honestly fighting on the court for the right to enjoy the Davis Cup.

And there is no doubt that the Davis Cup tournament will continue to flourish as long as there are such talented and dedicated players who are ready to devote their lives to this sport.